Premature Ovarian Failure


Premature Ovarian Failure

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Premature Ovarian Failure

What is
Premature Ovarian Failure?

Premature Ovarian Failure or "POF" is also referred to as; "Ovarian Insufficiency" and "Primary Ovarian Insufficiency," 
is diagnosed when a woman's ovaries stop working before she is 40 years old.

Premature Ovarian Failure used to be known as "premature menopause," however, Premature Ovarian Failure is not the same as menopause.  Some women with Premature Ovarian Failure still have occasional monthly menstrual periods. Premature menopause is the correct diagnosis only when monthly menstruation stops before age of 40. This can be natural or caused by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Women first become aware of a problem when they begin missing or skipping monthly menstrual periods or have difficulty in becoming pregnant - these are the first symptoms of
Premature Ovarian Failure. Other symptoms may be similar to those of natural menopause. 

Most women with
Premature Ovarian Failure cannot get pregnant naturally. Fertility treatments help a few women; others use donor eggs to have children. There is no treatment that will restore normal ovarian function. However, many health care providers suggest taking hormones until age 50.


Premature Ovarian Failure

Genitourinary  Female ED  *  Female Sexual Medicine  *  Obstetrics And Gynecology  *  Vaginal Relaxation

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What is Female Sexual Medicine?

While a gynecologist or family physician may be knowledgeable and able to diagnose disease and disorders of a woman's vagina, vulva and care for her reproductive and vulvovaginal health, he/she may lack the requisite education as it relates to her sexual health. While men have had their "little blue pills" for ED since 1999, a "little pink pill" is still not ready for women for their ED or Female Erectile Dysfunction.

The fact is, 50% more women than men suffer from "erectile dysfunction" and a woman's erection is just as important as a man's erection. 

"Female Sexual Dysfunction" is the generic term applied to the several sexual health problems women have that is one of the fastest growing areas of medicine known as "Female Sexual Medicine."

Female Sexual Medicine treats women and the various ailments and disorders which interfere with female sexual satisfaction, including;

Female Erectile Dysfunction - see:

Female ED - see:

Female Sexual Arousal - see:

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder - see:

Female Sexual Dysfunction - see:

Female Sexual Function - see:

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder - see:

Pelvic Organ Prolapse - see:

Vaginal Relaxation - see:

Vaginal Vault Prolapse - see:

Vulvar Vestibulitis - see:

Vulvovaginal Health - see:

It is important to note that 43% of American women -- about 40 million -- have physical and/or emotional distress relating to enjoying sex. This is manifested in loss of interest in sex, no longer finding sex enjoyable, or providing the enjoyment sex used to bring, or the inability to complete a sexual encounter to orgasm. or it just is not as enjoyable as it used be. Many women also report diminished sexual sensations in their vulva, vagina or clitoris while other women have pain during intercourse.

What does the medical practice of genitourinary medicine deal with?

Genitourinary medicine covers the area or medicine that includes; andrology, gynecology, gynecologic urology (urogynecology) and urology.  One of the leading diseases genitourinary medicine deals with is sexually transmitted diseases.

What does the word Genitourinary mean?

Genitourinary is a word that refers to the urinary system and the male and female sexual (genitalia) organs. 



Premature Ovarian Failure




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